November 25, 2017

Why We Must Stop Child Marriage

Married at 11 in Saudi Arabia

The first female prime minister of Norway and a former minister of Mozambique join forces to bring the issue of child marriage to the world’s attention.  See the article in Newsweek that argues why 10 million girls under 18 are married off each year on every continent and why people do not wish to interfere with a tradition that has been in place for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, but really should.  The ramifications of child marriage for the rest of us are also pointed out, including the health, educational and economic reasons we should stop it.  If the trend continues, there will be 100 million new child brides in just the next decade.


  1. lily sanderson says:

    Customs that have been in a society for so long are very difficult to change….most cultures do not consider 14 to 18 year old women to be children. Sad.

  2. I know, so sad. And you’re right- breaking traditions is tough to do, that’s the problem. Even though their cultures may not see them as children, their bodies are not mature enough yet to handle pregnancy and childbirth.

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