December 17, 2017

What’s On Your Summer To-Do List?

By Lowry Manders

Happy Summer! Whether your kids are already out of school or are counting down the days, most of us moms are busy planning our family summer calendars. What are you looking forward to? Getting a lot done? Slowing down and relaxing a little more? Not having to rush out the door every morning? I recently read a great SLOW Family Living kind-of “TO-DO” list for your family this summer. Make these tasks your priority, and have a great summer! (Because I live in the Texas heat, I replaced “cozy up to a warm fire” and “roast marshmallows” with a couple of warmer weather ideas.)

Summer to-do list:

  • Be one with nature
  • Feel the sand in your toes
  • connect with a creature
  • taste something sweet
  • swing the day away
  • watch the waves roll in
  • take the plunge – CANNON-BALL!
  • get lost in an adventure
  • get lost in a good book
  • float away
  • catch a sunset
  • visit the seashore
  • ride a bike
  • sleep in a tent
  • listen for the ocean in a seashell
  • have a picnic
  • pick berries
  • ride in a boat
  • plant a garden
  • lie in a hammock
  • fly a kite
  • blow dandelions
  • catch fireflies
  • run through a sprinkler
  • play in the rain
  • watch fireworks
  • take in a baseball game
  • throw a frisbee
  • chalk up the sidewalk
  • have a watermelon-seed spitting contest
  • go on a hike
  • make a fort
  • find a rainbow
  • stargaze
  • hold your breath under water
  • build a sand castle
  • learn to do a cartwheel
  •  pick honeysuckle
  • play kickball
  • do the hula
  •  pet a caterpillar
  • go on a scavenger hunt
  • build a box car
  • eat ice-cream sandwiches
  • have a water balloon fight
  • look for cloud formations
  • take a nap on the lawn
  • search for sea glass
  • skip rocks
  • play hide-and-seek
  • dig for worms
  • smell the flowers
  • set up a lemonade stand
  • go fishing
  • put on a play
  • run barefoot
  • goof off in the park
  • make mud pies
  • tell ghost stories
  • blow bubbles
  • listen to the cicadas’ song

Ahhhh, doesn’t that make you want to be a kid again for the lazy days of summer? GOOD NEWS: You get to be a kid again with your kids! Slow down and enjoy! I hope you get to check some of these off your list, but what else is on your SLOW list for the summer?Please share your ideas….

(And I will have LOTS more great ideas for your family coming up in my series “Slowing Down for Summer.”)


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Lowry Manders is a Dallas mom of 2 young children, a Kindermusik teacher, child development expert, creator and speaker for Parent with Purpose, seminars, and writer/ blogger on Mommy Manders.



  1. Ann Van De Water says:

    My main SLOW idea for summer is getting my kids to do things they can do themselves rather than having me do them. For instance, last week I had my girls make their own lunches, wash the car, unpack their suitcases from a trip, and hang their bathing suits and towels to dry. Most of these things I have done for them previous summers. I also told them they have plenty to keep them busy (books, friends, games, swimming, and other activities), so when they started complaining that they were bored (the day after we’d returned from vacation, I told them every time they say that or that they have nothing to do, I will fine them $1.00 and then I will find them a chore to do.

    Fun SLOW ideas include lots of READING on our deck (individually and aloud together), going to the Farmers’ Market, and making yummy summer meals together.

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