February 22, 2018

What to Do With the Punchbowl?

By Lillian Sanderson


Years of holiday parties, decorating for big family gatherings, celebrating graduations, and First Communions mean that I have on hand any number of lovely serving dishes, punch bowls, pretty cups and glasses, extra silverware, and the list goes on.


Now, I am the grandmother, not the “mom.”  Oh, I will always be mom, but my kiddies are in their 30’s and 40’s now, so they have their own homes and their own ideas of party planning.  I have little by little moved many items to a shelf in the basement, so they are accessible, but not crowding my kitchen pantry shelves.  Some really beautiful platters will remain in my possession, waiting patiently to be used.  Other things that I cannot remember when I used them last, should (and I have every intention of following through with this) be given away, especially now that I am moving to smaller quarters.


I am not a fan of hosting garage sales, as I did it once and promised myself to remember for all my days how much I detested the process. So, that is not an option I am considering.  Wrapping up and gifting to friends and family for birthdays is a thought, but maybe not really very thoughtful.


I know that it is silly.  I have heard myself called a minor hoarder by one of my offspring who easily transports whatever is not currently in use to be donated to charity.  I just do not have that gene that allows some people to purge with frequent abandon.  It skipped a generation, I guess, because my mother disliked keeping things that were not currently in use or very new.  I actually have most of her “old” tables that I still like and use.


What would please me is to have someone value my stuff as much as I do.  Sort of like finding a good home for a puppy you cannot keep any longer.  A little crazy?  Probably.


I recently had several boxes of business papers that went back to 1982 shredded. (I know, I know! That is 30 years!)  I did it, but I did not like it.  There is now only one small container of files.  That was my compromise.


So perhaps, the punchbowl won’t take up all that much room on a shelf in my new place.  I did use it in July.  The old ugly glasses are gone, so there will be room.


Problem solved.


Lillian is a midwestern mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of 10.






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