December 17, 2017

What to Do With That Leftover Veggie Tray

leftover veggie trayBy Julie Samrick

Too often, fresh produce gets tossed after a few days of nibbling on it.  I know I was just about to toss a leftover veggie tray this week until I remembered a little trick:  I blanched the raw vegetables (cooked them in boiling hot water for just a few minutes) and then cooled them under cold water.  Once they reached room temperature I put them in a freezer bag to use later.  Last night I stir fried the veggies and they were as good, even better, than buying frozen veggies from the store.

I also do the same thing with fruit: once bananas get a little ripe, or I’m afraid the berries are not quite as firm, I toss them in a freezer bag to use in smoothies later.  Frozen fruit is much better than raw when making smoothies- you don’t need to add ice!


  1. Alison Buchanan says:

    Good Ideas Julie! I use mine as the base for chicken or beef stock- or just for soup! With the carrots and celery, you’ve got 2/3 of a mirapoix (“flavoring” base)… All you need to add is an onion, and you can make hundreds of great meals!

  2. Friend of mine did a veggie tray with green onions…gonna put it all in a food processor and then put it in bags for soups…so excited. will do the green onions, carrots, and celery! Yummy@

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