December 17, 2017

Waiting Time by Lillian Sanderson

As I sit in yet another medical building in a waiting room, I daydream about the many hours spent in places like this one.


Mothers, out of necessity, try to occupy restless little patients while medical staff scurry to do their jobs.  At one time my pediatrician visits with my kids were always a one to two hour wait!  I read stories, drew pictures, went in and out of the restrooms and kept trying to be a patient adult!  Those were exhausting days and I feel for parents going through that now.


As my parents became elderly, I spent many hours with them at their doctors’ offices and hospital waiting rooms, eventually with wheel chair and walker to assist us.  My flexible career allowed me the time to spend those long hours with them.  We had a lot of great conversations during the drive to and from the many medical facilities.


As I have aged, I’ve had some memorable and joyful waiting times for the welcoming of new family members.  Those delivery room experiences are the best hospital memories by far; a new grandchild the reward!


Emergency room visits with children or aged relatives are worrisome and can wear out the most energetic of us.  Tedious, but not really dangerous procedures, like scopes and scans use up time, but no worries.  It is always a comfort to have someone with you when undergoing these.


The blessing of living close to my family has given me the gift of the good times like birthday parties and first communions; and it has also given me the privilege of helping to lessen the fear when doctor visits or medical treatments are needed.


I know that the time is well spent when I go along with the patient and that the gesture will be returned when I need a kind, familiar face to glance at from a gurney or a bed.

Lillian is the midwestern mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of 10.

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