February 22, 2018


By Ann Van De Water

A few weeks ago I bought a bottle of DHA (essential Omega-3 fat) soft gels.   The bottle and many scientific studies claim DHA “supports memory, learning, and mood.”  Sounds great, I thought!  I can certainly use some mega help in all those areas.


However, the first two weeks I could not remember to take the darn things.



This week, the third week, I finally remembered to take them for several days in a row!  I took the gels for three days, but they seemed to have the opposite effect I was seeking.



The first day, I temporarily lost some checks I needed to give a friend for Girl Scouts.  I said several prayers to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I argued with my husband.  He said I was not being very nice to him while he was trying to help me find the checks.  Our conversation went something like this:



Hubby:  “So what did you do with the checks right after you got them?”


Me:  “If I knew that, I wouldn’t be looking for them.”


Hubby:  “I always have a place for everything so I can find things easily.”


Me:  “Yes, that’s a good idea.”


Hubby:  “Did you check your pockets?’


Me:  “Yes, of course, I checked my pockets.”




These fish oils were not supporting my mood one bit by now.



What my husband should have asked was, “Did you check the pockets of the vest you were planning to wear earlier?”



Two hours and several levels of my blood pressure later, probably subtracting all of my “heart healthy” habits I’ve been trying to instill, I found the checks in a pocket of a vest I had planned to wear to our Girl Scout meeting earlier.  As soon as I got the checks, I put them in the vest pocket in an attempt to make sure I wouldn’t forget to bring them.  However, later I decided to wear my coat instead as it was very cold out and kept checking the pockets of my coat, sure I had put them in there.



The second day, I misplaced my credit card.  (I filled my car with gas and stuck the card in my jacket pocket, forgetting to return it to my wallet.)



The third day,  I showed up half an hour early to a church meeting (First time I have been early to church EVER).  And later that day I was an entire week early to one of my girls’ classrooms to volunteer.  My daughter was a bit embarrassed.  I was mostly glad I wasn’t a week late.  And it was sort of fun to suddenly have a totally free hour.



Tonight before I go to bed I was going to take my super-duper anti-oxidant green Yogi tea which promises to promote feelings of calmness and well-being.  On second thought, I think I’ll have a rum and Coke.



Ann is a former English teacher who is now a stay-at-home Mom of 10-year-old twin girls.

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