December 18, 2017

U.S. Students Remain Poor at History, Tests Show

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Our Math and Science scores may be bad, but results out this week show American students test most abysmally in History. There is a lot of finger pointing for this, so until policy gets figured out, parents need to take the matter into their own hands.  How have you been successful in teaching your children U.S. History at home?

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  1. Lisa Jobe says:

    We just need to show kids that history is what it says–a series of exciting stories! Everything that children love to read about: heroes, villains, battles, champions…it’s all right there! There are so many wonderful unit studies, projects, and activities to bring history alive in a fun way! (We love Story of the World for our six year old!) If you raise your children in a religious environment, historical timelines also bring the Bible to life as children learn about those periods of time. As adults, we’re constantly bringing to mind famous people and dates, and it truly is an important part of our curriculum!

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