November 24, 2017

Tough Lunch

By Julie Samrick


The price my kids pay for moi to pack their school lunches is to simply put their lunch boxes in some visible place where I can find them. I’ve suggested the counter after school, or the pantry would be just fine too- I’m not picky. I just don’t have time to dig through backpacks or scavenge through the car to look for little containers as I’m juggling breakfast and making lunch for 3 other people (and that’s only half the family).  I think this is more than a fair price to ask, right?


For some reason, though, my 6 and 8-year-olds remember this routine while my 10-year-old does not.  So instead of nagging, “Where’s your lunch box?…If you’d just put it…” Blah, blah, blah!  I even hate hearing myself say it. I now simply place the contents of said son’s lunch on the counter for him to pack instead. 


Sometimes I slip up and nag because if I don’t pack his lunch his water bottle (which is in his lunch box) won’t be filled up, which makes me crazy.


 I’ve been better about biting my tongue until today when I blurted out, “I don’t see your lunch box.”


 “It’s right in the pantry,” he said, looking in the dark closet to retrieve the small black container.  Awww... he’s catching on,  I thought, pleased and proud…for just one fleeting moment.


“Gosh Mom, look a little harder,” he said, practically tossing it to me.


To simplify the rest of our interaction, let’s just say this week he gets to pack his own lunch and make it too.  


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  1. Ah memories!
    I packed my five kids lunches daily as their school did not have lunches except for “hotdog day” once in a while. There were very particular tastes and a couple very fussy eaters in my bunch too.
    I would be greeted with a growl from the offended children when the sandwiches were switched.
    God forbid! One would get cheese with butter and one would get peanut butter and jelly! My middle child did not get accidental sandwich switches as she had a container of salad with a little tupperware container holding the Italian dressing separately! Really!

    I tried to empty the lunch boxes right after school so they would be ready to pack up again!

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