January 18, 2018

Toddlers & Tiaras Makes Headlines

After 3 seasons, the grumblings about the TLC show that focuses on child pageantry are growing into loud yells to pull it from the airwaves.  One mom recently dressed her daughter on the show as the prostitute character Julia Roberts plays in Pretty Woman.  See what that mom has to say about the controversy now at People and watch a clip from the show. What do you think?  Should child beauty pageants be called a sport?


  1. Why are all of their photos photoshopped to death? They look like creepy dolls. This beauty pageant thing should be relaxed a little. If you want girls to feel confident at an early age so you won’t have problems with them in the future, then do a natural pageant to show how pretty they are. Me, I don’t really care about beauty. Just fitness.

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