February 22, 2018

Tired of the Same Old Books on your Kids’ Bookshelf?

bookboard-hero I love that my 9 and 10-year olds are avid readers, but they tear through books so fast I’d go broke if I were buying that many books one at a time. And for my younger kids, ages 4 and 6, the same old books in their room are getting pretty stale when we sit together to read every night. I want them to love reading on their own as much as their older brothers do, and studies show creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading among kids.  So checking out books at our public library has been great for my wallet and for variety, but there are still plenty of times when we’re looking for something new to read and we just can’t get across town to the library right then and there.   


So I was excited to recently learn about Bookboard, a new app for iPads that works just like a Netflix subscription- for a low, monthly fee hundreds of books can be streamed to your iPad.  See how it works in action.  I love that the color for picture books is as vivid as holding the actual book!


Depending on your kids’ different tastes and interests, one subscription differentiates each users’ profile and books are suggested for each reader.  As kids read more, they’re rewarded with more books based on their reading habits and interests. And parents can check their kids’ reading progress with metrics, etc.


 Bookboard offers titles for kids up to age 12 for now, but I’ll bet it’s only a matter of time before even more titles are added!


If you sign up for Bookboard before February 11th, the first month is free.  And if you download your first book by then, you will also be entered in a contest to win a new iPad mini.


Visit Bookboard.com to see it in action.


Happy Reading!


Thanks to Bookboard for sponsoring today’s discussion. 


A credentialed teacher, Julie Samrick is now a stay-at-home mother of four kids and the founder of Kid Focused.


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  1. I spend SO much money on kid’s books… it’s like if they ask for veggies in the grocery store. Of COURSE I will buy that for you! But I’m with you – I love having the ‘Netflix’ model of books, way less clutter and way less expensive!

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