November 25, 2017

“The Lorax” Debuts on What Would Have Been Seuss’s 108th Birthday

Children across America have been celebrating “I Love Reading” week  in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  The author, who died in 1991, would have turned 108 today.

His 1971 book The Lorax (Classic Seuss), is out in film version today, but critics are dissing it.  New York Post critic Kyle Smith gave it one star, writing, “I am the critic, I speak to displease: ‘The Lorax’ is awful, like chronic disease. There’s no fun in ‘The Lorax,’ no joy in its theme; It’s as boring as sales tax. I’m ready to ream. Its knickers are twisted so high and so tight It could lead the day’s news on the Daily Kos site.”

Here’s a trailer- Do you plan to see it?


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