November 23, 2017

The Importance of Family Meetings

by Joyce Davison

One of my fondest memories raising our four girls was having our family meetings. We would meet once a week around the kitchen table where everyone was present, including Mom and Dad. The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was important to the family, and what plans we could make so that we could be together doing something as a family. Everyone at the table would choose an activity that they would like to do with the family that week.


You might think that Disneyland or expensive ideas would be brought up. Not at all. The girls would choose from going roller skating as a family, to playing a particular board game together, to going to Baskin Robbins one evening.  Other times they might choose going to a movie, or watching a favorite television program together. Visit to the park, or maybe even a camping trip, were popular summer activities.


It was so fun to see what they thought was important. What we all thought was important was being together as much as we could.


The meeting was also a time for each of us to pick a favorite meal to have for dinner the next week. It was helpful for me too- I could provide meals they liked and I didn’t have to think up a new meal every night. Those meetings were fun, intimate, and also a time to take the family’s temperature emotionally.  I also think it helped once they became teenagers.  They never went through a phase of not wanting to be with their family.Importance of Family Meetings


Joyce is the mother of 4 grown daughters and a grandmother of 12.


  1. Love the idea!!

  2. Love this! We have many LDS friends who do a “family night” every Monday. I’ve been wanting to incorporate this into my household, but I haven’t yet. Each family member gets to be in charge of choosing 1 aspect of family night – and who is in charge of what rotates each week. There’s deciding the dinner menu, dessert menu, family activity (i.e. board game, movie, other game, etc.), “family lesson” topic, and maybe one or 2 other things that I can’t remember. Anytime the immediate family can connect for conversation and togetherness is a great thing. And to make this a weekly event for the duration of childhood – and beyond – is a wonderful idea!

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