February 22, 2018

The Great Mysteries of the Stomach Flu

By Julie Samrick

It seems everyone I know has been affected by the same doozy of a flu virus this winter. I’ve heard more than one parent explain it as “death.” My 5th grader said there were 18 kids missing out of his class of 30 earlier this week. This crazy form of influenza starts with vomiting, then turns to a high fever and congestion, and it can last for a whole week, I’ve heard from countless, exhausted parents. With my husband out of town and a birthday party to have this weekend, I went on prevention overload, hoping and praying we’d all stay healthy. So far, so good (knock on wood).

In fact, I may be jinxing myself even more by saying this, but I, nor any of my kids, have ever had the traditional flu, or influenza, just the yucky stomach flu, which got me thinking:

Why does it always strike in the middle of the night when things are most at peace?

Why do stomach bugs love kids?  I used to get the stomach flu as a kid, and It only reared its ugly head again once my husband and I had kids of our own.

If the stomach flu is supposedly food poisoning, how can it be contagious? 

With all of the advancements in technology, why is it that the same old foods and drinks like the B.R.A.T diet are still the best way to recover? I had nostalgia giving my daughter those bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast and once again, they sped along her recovery in record time

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