January 20, 2018

Teen clinging to life after second plane crash in 8 years, loses entire family

After losing his mother and two siblings in a small plane crash 8 years ago, Austin Hatch now lies in critical condition after his father and stepmother died in yet another plane crash last week.  Apparently his father was the pilot of the small plane.  Another father of young children in our community died riding a motorcycle recently.  How do you feel about parents pursuing risky hobbies or sports?

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  1. Ann Van De Water says:

    My husband has said although would love to climb Mt. Everest, go sky diving, and pursue some other dangerous adventures, he missed his opportunity now that he has a family. He has enjoyed non-technical climbing , ultra-marathons, an Ironman triathalon, but has crossed the more dangerous sports off his list. People who are REALLY into some of these activites often say driving your car can be more dangerous, but we do need to drive our cars in our daily lives, we don’t need to climb Mt. Everest. Other people say such pursuits are imperitive to one fulfilling their souls, life ambitions, etc.

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