February 22, 2018

Take kids back-to-school shopping without any siblings

 They don’t have to compromise with one another; they don’t have to sit and watch while the other kids try on shoes.  I’ve realized I lump my kids together so often, I’ve made back-to-school shopping one of those special times we spend together before we get back to the bustle of school.

In a big family, taking this time with each one has been key.  I’ve noticed they are really happy while we’re out and it carries over once we get home.  Less fighting, more cooperation, etc.  It’s not much different than how I feel when I get a date with my husband.

Usually we’ll tack on something special to the end of our shopping date and I try to do something different with each one.  Yesterday my 7-year-old and I got ice cream cones and he got to pick out a snack for the first day of school lunches for himself and the other kids.

In the past I’ve crammed all of the shopping into the last few days of summer. This year I started the dates earlier and was really able to be relaxed and present for each one.

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