January 19, 2018

What does working full time really mean?

mom crafts with kids

By Penelope Trunk What I regret is the four years I worked 80-hour weeks running my startup and put my kids in daycare. (I called it school, but I know there is no distinction between school for four-year-olds and daycare for four-year-olds.) I was making mid-six figures for most of that time, but those years… Read more

Why Moms Can’t Have It All


A high-powered career woman eats her words as she finally admits what she’s been trying to make happen since becoming a parent- a full-time working mom just can’t have it all unless she is in control of her own schedule.  Check out the cover story in the most recent edition of The Atlantic, “Why Women… Read more

The One Part of the Hilary Rosen Mom Debate I Take Issue With

Ann Romney

By Julie Samrick Every so often the temperature spikes on the issue of working outside the home mothers versus stay-at-home moms.  Last week the topic was brought up once more when DNC advisor Hilary Rosen said Ann Romney,”has never worked a day in her life.”  I’ve mostly heard people defend stay-at-home moms since the conversation… Read more

“Mommy, I Need You” by Caroline Taylor

stressed mom

Today on Facebook I read a posting from a mom who I used to know in high school. Back then I knew her as a kind, outgoing, bright, funny identical twin who came from a well-off family. This was reinforced in my mind when I remembered she and her twin sister received matching BMW 320I’s… Read more