February 24, 2018

Mr. Peabody & Sherman offer adventure and heart

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Julie Samrick  To look around the movie theater, parents had the biggest smiles on their faces during Mr. Peabody & Sherman, the new animated Dreamworks film that’s a nod to the past while still offering a clever, fresh plot.   Mr. Peabody and Sherman is based on the adventures of the1960s characters of the same… Read more

Olympic Titles for Kids of All Ages


By Julie Samrick In anticipation of the 2012 Games, here are some books with Olympic themes for every reader in your family.   How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals What does it take to earn 8 gold medals? Michael Phelps takes us inside his world: Napping away three summer vacations? Eating… Read more

The Hunger Games Bring to Mind Another Story


By Julie Samrick I just finished reading Suzanne Collins’s best selling book The Hunger Games, which will be released as a film this spring (I am very excited to review it when it comes out).  16-year-old Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist, and I could feel teen (particularly girl) readers rooting for her as the quintessential… Read more

Movie Review: Puss in Boots


An egg and a cat is the oddest pairing of friends I could ever imagine; yet Humpty Dumpty and Puss in Boots make the best movie friendship I can recall.   The newly released DreamWorks film is supposed to be a prequel to Shrek 2, where viewers get Puss’s back-story, told like an old western,… Read more

‘Lion King’ Most Impressionable Movie of His Young Life

lion king

The Lion King goes down in history at our house as the most watched movie of all time. The 1994 classic tells the tale of lion cub, Simba, who is heir to the kingdom, but must grow up to claim his role as King more quickly than he is prepared. With original music written by… Read more

It’s that time of year again…flu shots! Will you get them for your family?


Read why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) especially recommends getting the flu shot for kids this year. Our family doesn’t get flu shots, as we’ve fought illness the past 3 years by taking Juice Plus, which has worked wonders for us. Do you plan to get flu shots for your kids? Why or why not?  

Movie Review: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr Popper's Penguins Film

Hollywood has certainly modernized the 1938 children’s book written by Richard and Florence Atwater, making Mr. Popper on film a savvy businessman with intimacy issues rather than a poor house painter stricken with wanderlust.  Instead of having a wife and kids who balk at his eccentricities, the movie wife and kids still don’t get him,… Read more

We Need to get our Daughters Interested in Technology


By the age of eight, Audrey MacLean made at least one plan: She would earn a college scholarship. And now at age 59 the successful, self-described “accidental technologist” and Stanford professor says we need to get our daughters interested in computing by first grade if they’re ever going to go the high tech career route,… Read more