January 19, 2018

Young Love

young love

By Ann Van De Water I’ve been thinking about Romeo and Juliet lately as I’m teaching it to 8th graders.  In Romeo and Juliet, the title characters so eloquently and maturely express their feelings when even most adults are usually nervous and say stupid things on their first dates. I saw a survey recently that asked women what topics their… Read more

Valentine’s Day at School is Here to Stay

Valentine's Day

By Julie Samrick “Whoa! That’s a lot of Valentines… Are you a teacher?”  A man asked as he stared at my cart incredulously while my kids and I checked out of the Dollar Store last weekend.  Toting 100 paper Valentines plus a piece of candy to attach to each one, I was genuinely happy to… Read more

Give Your Kids a “Heart Attack” This Valentine’s Day


I’m giving each of my kids a”heart attack” for Valentine’s Day. Every morning between now and the 14th they will wake up and find a new heart added to their poster that tells them something we love or appreciate about them. The first heart reads “You are very thoughtful.” (thanks, Pinterest, for the good idea!)… Read more