January 23, 2018

Chinese students flock to US exams to chase college dreams

chinese students

Chinese students form the largest overseas group at U.S. universities and their numbers are rising as families spend a fortune in the quest for an American education to pry open the door to career and social success. For some parents, overseas education is also seen as a way to avoid China’s fiercely competitive national college… Read more

The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking

trafficking sex

What happens to trafficked children (forcibly raped for profit) in the U.S. when they are discovered by the police? Often they are arrested on prostitution charges, thrown into jail and treated like criminals, even though they are minors. Read more

Why Finland’s Schools Are So Successful


Finnish schooling was thrust in the international spotlight after the 2010 documentary film Waiting for Superman contrasted it with America’s troubled public schools.  Why is it that students there are the #1 readers in the world?  93% of Finns graduate from academic or vocational high schools, 17.5 percentage points higher than the United States, and 66% go… Read more

“Run For Courage” to Fight War Against Sex Trafficking


Most people are shocked to discover that girls as young as 10 are sold for sex every day in the United States. Estimates say up to 300,000 American children are sexually exploited each year in this $32 billion industry, and worldwide the number is close to 1.2 million.   Pimps use violence and coercion to force… Read more