February 24, 2018

Missouri twins born more than month apart

twins born more than month apart

As they strive for individuality, twins sometimes try to separate themselves by who is the oldest, even if only by minutes. But that will be less of an issue for Carl and David Cowan – twins born more than a month apart. Born 39 days apart, the Missouri newborns eclipse the headlines this week of a… Read more

Tennessee Woman Sentenced in Baby Deaths

Lindsey Lowe

Lindsey Lowe, the Tennessee woman convicted of murdering her newborn twins, was sentenced Friday to a minimum of 51 years in prison, despite her family pleading with the judge. Read more

Georgia High School To Graduate Record Sets of Twins

Brookwood high twins

In what is called a statistical phenomenon, 12 sets of twins are set to graduate from Brookwood High in Gwinnett County, Georgia later this spring.  The school softball coach laughs, “You wonder what was in the water back then!” Read more

CDC Says Twin Births Have Doubled Since 1980


Women having babies at older ages account for 1/3 of the increase while fertility treatments account for another large percentage of why the rate of twins born each year has doubled since 1980m according to the CDC.  Read why the increased prevalence of birth control pills also plays a factor here.

The Secret Language of Twins


Everything you’ll want to know about “twin speak,” or the secret languages many siblings, especially twins, create.  What are the pros and cons?  And why do some language experts say “twin speak” should be treated as a disease? Read more at Slate

New Study Points to Environmental Factors in Autism


An interesting read for everyone, shedding light on an epidemic many of us do not understand.  Read about it