December 18, 2017

The best summer school

summer lessons

By Julie Samrick As we sat around the campfire last weekend I pulled out an old Girl Scout goody for the 11 kids in our party. My Aunt Tilly, she died last night, she died last night, did she die?   At first the kids didn’t know what I meant, or why sometimes the answer… Read more

How to Teach Kids the Importance of Memorial Day

memorial day

By Julie Samrick For many people Memorial Day  conjures images of 3-day weekends, discounts at the mall, and when we can officially wear white shoes without looking tacky.  But it’s important we pause to reflect and teach our kids why we have a Memorial Day but once a year, a day of serious reflection and… Read more

Valentine’s Day at School is Here to Stay

Valentine's Day

By Julie Samrick “Whoa! That’s a lot of Valentines… Are you a teacher?”  A man asked as he stared at my cart incredulously while my kids and I checked out of the Dollar Store last weekend.  Toting 100 paper Valentines plus a piece of candy to attach to each one, I was genuinely happy to… Read more

Remembering Halloweens Past


By Michele Knowlton It’s almost Halloween (and from the look in some stores Christmas is even closer!)  Halloween is probably the holiday that has changed the most since I was a kid.   Back in the olden days, Mom got little paper or waxed paper bags and we filled them with loose candy- candy corn, maybe… Read more

Christmas Without the Ones We Love

lonely christmas

I explained to my older kids (7 and 9) this week that Christmas isn’t always the happiest time of year for everyone. Some people may not have the money to buy their kids warm coats, let alone Christmas presents. Some may not have family or friends to spend the holiday with- they are alone at… Read more

Christmas Through a 3-Year-Old’s Eyes

Christmas tree girl

This Christmas season has been extra special with a 3-year-old in the house.  I didn’t notice it as much when the other kids were her age, but talk about magical. She doesn’t have a memory of previous Christmases- it’s all new to her and I have been struck more than once by her wonder.  When… Read more