January 20, 2018

Autism linked with environmental toxins


While the underlying causes of autism are still not fully understood, many health experts believe that genetics, environmental factors or a combination of the two are to blame. Now, a new meta-analysis has revealed that toxins in the environment may play a much more significant role in the formation of this neurodevelopmental disorder than previously… Read more

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home


From safe cleaning methods and how to properly store food (not in plastic) to what type of tuna to buy, read these simple tips for a healthier home from My Health Daily.

Dangerous Chemicals in Many Car Seats


Toxins in car seats that are linked to cancer? Oh my. The most toxic infant seat (according to this report) are the Graco Snugrides 30 and 35. The most dangerous convertible car seat is the Britax Marathon 70 in Jet Set & Britax Marathon in Platinim. And the most toxic booster seat? The Recaro Pro Booster… Read more