February 18, 2018

How to create a stronger math student before your child ever starts school

early math skills

By Julie Samrick I’ve shared how the years before kindergarten are optimal for playing games to create brighter students later on. And by specifically embracing numbers at an early age don’t be surprised when you’ve created a stronger math student too.    Sometimes when we wait to introduce concepts to kids, it takes them longer… Read more

Preschoolers Have Worst Dental Check-Ups in 40 Years

dental exam

The Centers for Disease Control noted the first increase in 40 years of the number of preschoolers with cavities. Dentists nationwide say at all income levels children between 1-5 have 6-10 cavities or more, requiring them to undergo extensive oral surgery. The reasons are many, but dentists say parents not brushing or using fluoridated toothpaste… Read more

Another reason for an iPad: Kids can do cool things with them too


5 funny reasons why the iPad keeps parents sane-     Read the list at Wired