December 18, 2017

Ten ways to avoid spoiling your toddler

bad behavior

The vast majority of books in the Parenting section of your local book store will insist that it’s impossible to spoil a baby by cuddling him, holding him and soothing him when he cries. Any parent will tell you, however, that it is absolutely possible to spoil a toddler. These ten tips can help you… Read more

Georgia Toddler Killed by Family Pit Bull

pit bull

The mother, Angela Rutledge, and her son, Beau, were at home with their pit bull at about 1:30 p.m., investigators said. She told investigators that she left the room for a moment to go to the bathroom, but when she returned it was clear that the dog had attacked her son, killing him before she… Read more

10 Reasons to Sign with your Baby or Toddler

reasons to sign with your baby

By Lowry Manders As a parent and teacher, I have witnessed the strong connections that signing makes between children and adults, and in little brains, and it is so fun and simple! I just love it!  Top 10 Reasons to Sign with your Baby or Toddler: Because babies can sign “I love you” before they… Read more

Too Much Salt in Toddler Meals

salt in toddler diet

75% of the packaged foods marketed to very young children have much higher salt content than is recommended.  Read why this is a big problem.  Read more

“Teen Mom” Waxes Toddler’s Eye Brows


Farrah Abraham of “Teen Mom” fame is under fire from her Twitter followers for describing how she’d waxed her young daughter’s “unibrow.” Read more

Even Toddlers Feel the Mealtime “Squeeze”


Families are busier than ever, and eating on the go is one effect of this.  Many food manufacturers have turned to squeezable pouches as the latest way for small kids to feed themselves- the pouches are quick, convenient, and don’t make much of a mess. But what are the trade-offs?  Read more

Meet Youngest U.S. Member of Mensa


  Emmelyn Roettger, from the Washington, D.C. area, was admitted to Mensa, the prestigious high-IQ institution, a month before her third birthday.  The toddler may have an IQ of 135, but before she started wearing glasses doctors actually thought she was lagging behind her peers. Read more

2-year-old Cussing on “Modern Family” Funny or Faux Pas?

image from ABC

During taping the child said, “Fudge,” but it was bleeped out to sound like she’s saying the F- word on Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family.  The episode focuses on it, as the episode is even titled “Little Bo Bleep.” Steven Levitan, creator and executive producer of the sitcom with Christopher Lloyd, told the Television Critics Association last… Read more

Even Slight Prematurity Has Lasting Effects

toddler tantrum

A new study finds children born even 3 weeks early have more emotional and behavior problems when they’re 2-4 years old. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 12% of babies in the United States are born before 37 weeks of gestation. Read the full article

Man Arrested For Death of 2-Year-old Daughter

Tierra Morgan-Glover

The father of 2-year-old Tierra Morgan-Glover has been arrested for her murder after he threw her in a creek still strapped in her carseat. The mother wants to warn everyone that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I ask, “Didn’t she see warning signs along the way before she created a… Read more