December 18, 2017

Start Couponing Smart Today

money saving mom

By Julie Samrick Can’t figure out how to buy $3,000 worth of groceries for $150? How about feeding your family and a friend’s family for $50 a month? These are just some of the amazing feats pulled off on TLC’s hit reality show Extreme Couponing. Since its debut in 2010 the show has spawned a… Read more

Fall Into Fitness as a Family

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By Lauren Anderson Fall is here, along with school, sports and crazy schedules.  As we fall back into routine, it is easy to let some things fall by the wayside such as our own fitness.  But who is to say that we can’t incorporate our fitness program into our kids’ new schedules? Research has shown… Read more

Student Stress Tips

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Kids are under more pressure than ever before- they have more homework, more extracurricular activities, and they must also resist the constant pull of social media and/or easily accessible entertainment if they are to get anything else done.  Here are 5 tips from Dr. Sears to help your child stay calm and healthy. 

Croup- What Parents Should Know

croup cough

If you’ve ever had a child with croup, you know that telltale, harsh, barking cough well. It’s unnerving and unmistakable. And usually, the worst of it happens at night, when you’re bleary eyed, exhausted, and full of worry. Parents primarily want to know what they can do for their child in those midnight hours and… Read more

7 Ways to Encourage Reluctant Readers

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By Steve Reifman Reading is a tremendously appealing, satisfying activity, and children will become hooked once the adults in their lives consistently build it into their daily schedules. The key is getting children started. The following seven strategies will help even the most reluctant reader become more enthusiastic about the endeavor. By employing the strategies… Read more

“Monitoring” Your Kids Doesn’t Mean “Spying”

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By Mary Jo Rapini Parents, I have to say, I am confused. As I continue to entrench myself in the phenomenon of social media as it relates to teens, parents, reputations and overall cyber safety, I continue to hear the same few words from parents, “Well, I don’t want to SPY on my child.” And… Read more

Olympian Nastia Liukin’s Tips for Parents of Young Athletes

Nasta Liukin

The most important thing is to take cues from your child. If he or she doesn’t really want to do the sport, then listen to him or her.  Read Nastia’s 5 tips for parents here

Simple Ways To Save Smart And Avoid Student Loan Debt

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The student loan debt crisis is making headlines and while many face a future of large bills, JB Orecchia, CEO of SavvyMoney, shares simple ways for both parents and students to plan ahead and avoid being buried in student loan debt.   Create Your Financial Business Plan Now And Stick To It: Start saving as… Read more

5 Ways to Thrive Staying Home With Kids Under 5

Ways to Thrive Staying Home With Kids

By Julie Samrick In my 10 years of experience as a stay-at-home mom I’ve been asked quite often how I run a smooth ship and (usually) manage to keep a smile on my face.   Here are 5 tips for how I’ve thrived staying home with small children:   1)   Stick to a routine.  As… Read more

Lessons We Hope They Take With Them

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By Lillian Sanderson As one of my precious older grandchildren heads south for some sun and sand over school vacation, along with wishes for fun, I gave her a warning to protect her beautiful skin from the sun. As an afterthought I said, “No second chances with your skin!” Then I began to think about… Read more