December 18, 2017

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parenting mistakes

By Julie Samrick I served as a juror last week and along with eleven of my peers found the defendant guilty.  The young man had been charged with drug crimes, yet it was still a tragedy to see him squandering his life away. I kept thinking of my own sons, ages eleven and nine, and… Read more

Why tutoring is for ALL children

tutoring young girl

By Julie Samrick School’s back and attention turns to academics once more. With state and local budget cuts, however, large class sizes can mean less time with the teacher. Parents turn to tutors for many reasons, but giving children individualized attention is still at the top of the list. And who couldn’t use that? Jinny… Read more

18 ways to help kids find their passion

kids find their passion

There has been much talk about helping kids find their passion so that they can live a full life, but how do you help your kids find that spark?  As a parent you can open the door to experiences and opportunities.  You can encourage your kids to try different things and to always be curious… Read more

Easy money saving tip

retail me not

I need to share a quick tip that’s saved me $82 in the past week and it’s only taken seconds of my time. It sounds like an advertisement, doesn’t it?  I want to shout it from the roof tops! If you have a smart phone, you must, must, must get the free app “Retail Me… Read more

Tired of the Same Old Books on your Kids’ Bookshelf?


 I love that my 9 and 10-year olds are avid readers, but they tear through books so fast I’d go broke if I were buying that many books one at a time. And for my younger kids, ages 4 and 6, the same old books in their room are getting pretty stale when we sit… Read more

Hand washing Still Best Solution to Getting Sick


With flu season in full swing, hand washing is still the best antidote to illness. Read more

Why Are Some Kids Picky Eaters?

boy and cooked vegetables

For many families, the holiday season is as much about stuffing your face as it is about stuffing stockings…These same gustatory delights can make the holidays a nightmare, however, for the parents of fussy eaters. Read more at Slate

25 Ways to Countdown to Christmas With Your Kids

ways to countdown to christmas

By Lowry Manders Christmas, in many ways, is a reminder of how LIFE should be. While it’s here, practice making magical, meaningful moments every day because children do grow up so fast, just like we did.  Don’t you remember the magic and wonder? I do. I remember some of the presents (like the remote-control blimp that got caught by a wind… Read more

The Top 4 Ways To Be More Present

mom crafts with kids

By Erin Kurt We’ve all heard it before, “You need to live in the present” or “Be more present”. Although we know this to be true, we often find it difficult to be present because our lives are so busy. We always seem to be multi-tasking, which is the complete opposite of being present. Here… Read more

A Parent’s Survival Guide to Teenage Boys


By Bill Schoeffler Help!  An alien has possessed my sweet little boy!    Parents are often astonished when their “tweener” grows a foot taller and becomes uncommunicative and sometimes explosive. Welcome to the world of a teenage boy.   The first thing parents need to understand is that this is a natural phase boys go… Read more