February 24, 2018

Does College Put Kids on “Party Pathway”?

Hamilton’s work, and that of other researchers, demonstrates that we should all be concerned about the state of higher education in the U.S. today and that college students enjoying a four-year paid vacation courtesy of their parents are merely a symptom of a larger problem. Read more

Why Kids Under 14 Should Not Play Tackle Football

football pop warner

Parents need not avoid tackle football entirely, but at least until 14. Why? One of the more persuasive reasons in this article…”Kids are not miniature adults. By age 4, the heads of kids are 90% of adult size. However, their necks are much weaker than an adult’s neck. The combination creates a danger.”  Read more

Why Kids Still Need to Learn Manners


My (professor) husband’s new crop of undergrads won’t know how to address him. They’ll toggle between no salutation, using his first name only, or greeting him with a cheery: “Hey!” Sadly, being called “Hey!” by a teen doesn’t inspire my husband’s cheer, nor does it establish the rapport the sender may have wished. Instead, it… Read more

Private School Parents More Likely to Opt Out of Vaccinations

vaccine child

Even with communicable diseases like whooping cough on the rise, parents who send their children to private school are more likely not to get them immunized.  Read more at TIME

When’s the Best Age to Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

cell tween

A writer at TIME explains all things parents should think about before taking the plunge. Read more

Is Extended Breast Feeding More Common Than We Think?

breastfeeding extended TIME

In the wake of the TIME magazine cover story, an attractive young mother nursing her 4-year-old son with the provocative title: “Are You Mom Enough?” another TIME writer explains why she may not practice all methods of attachment parenting, but she does see the benefits of extended breastfeeding.  Read more

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

How Often Do You Eat Dinner As A Family?

By Lillian Sanderson   We always had family dinners when I was a child.  This was the era of moms at home and dads working until dinner hour.  The five of us sat in the dining room every night and ate a nice homemade dinner of meat, potato, and vegetable.  There was also a steaming… Read more

Do We Create Mama’s Boys by Keeping Our Sons Close?

Mother and son. Isolated over white background.

One TIME writer says it’s just a myth that keeping our sons close can make them mama’s boys and she breaks down the various arguments point by point, even calling it a double standard that fathers are never blamed for making their daughters masculine.  Read it

A 5 Minute Interview With Elmo and Creator Kevin Clash

Take Each Child Christmas Shopping Alone With You


Back to school shopping and Christmas shopping are two special times my 4 kids know they’ll each get special alone time with me.  For Christmas shopping they pick out something for each of their siblings, teachers, and their Dad.  They don’t get anything for themselves this time, but they get time with me, which is… Read more