February 18, 2018

I’d rather be texting


Pop Quiz: Which event stunts emotional growth more significantly: Standing awkwardly at a school dance; working up the courage to talk to someone; or failing to go to the dance at all, limiting conversation to a text? read more

Adults Worse Than Teens When it Comes to Texting and Driving

adults texting

It seems many adults do not practice what they preach. A new study finds experienced drivers are as bad, or even worse, than young people when it comes to texting while driving and the reasons for it are complicated. Read more

Teens are told, “Face it, Don’t Facebook It”

teenagers are leaving Facebook

Is it possible for high school dating to get even more awkward than it’s been for generations of teens?  There is apparently a big enough problem of kids using Facebook to break up with one another that a Boston area conference was held to train kids on Facebook etiquette.  Read the story