February 24, 2018

The hardest part of teaching

hardest part of teaching

  Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post once put together a series of quotes to answer the question “How hard is teaching?” and asked for more in the comments section. My rant didn’t entirely fit there, so I’m putting it here, because it is on the list of Top Ten Things They Never Tell You in Teacher School.  … Read more

How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves

kids pay for college themselves

By Francis L. Thompson My wife and I had 12 children over the course of 15 1/2 years. Today, our oldest is 37 and our youngest is 22.  I have always had a very prosperous job and enough money to give my kids almost anything. But my wife and I decided not to. I will share… Read more

How to Stand Up to a Bully

how to tell if your child is a bully

Learning that your child is the victim of bullying is an experience that’s simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating. While your first instinct is to step in to stop the torment by any means necessary, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture and pick up on the lessons that your child could learn from this… Read more

Being Cheerful as a Virtue

happy kids

By Karen Daniels When I walk down the hall at the school where I work, I enjoy seeing the children as they line up for lunch.  As they walk past me, I often hear cheery hellos or see their hands waving to me.  It always puts a smile on my face.  Most children by nature… Read more

Teacher Shortage Nears in CA

Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class

Nearly half as many candidates enrolled in teaching credential programs last year in California and areas like special education and mathematics already suffer a shortage of qualified teachers in the largest state’s public schools.  Read more

VIDEO Simple Schooling at Home- Numbers with 4-year-old


By Julie Samrick Maybe it’s the former teacher in me, but I work a lot with my 4 kids at home, especially their first 5 years before kindergarten.  There is a lot of fancy and expensive curriculum out there, but a simple pen and paper do the trick just fine. Here is a quick video… Read more

Phone Etiquette and Kids


By Julie Samrick My oldest son is at his Grandma and Grandpa’s this week, nearly 1,000 miles away.  In nearly 10 years, we’ve never been apart for more than 3 days, but he jumped at the chance to go.  He’s been an only child with them, lavished with attention, not having to compromise with 3… Read more

CLOSED Kids’ Health & Good Nutrition Giveaway


By Julie Samrick With more food choices available to us than ever before, how do we make conscious and healthy daily decisions about what we put into our bodies? And how do we teach kids to do the same?   My family was recently introduced to the An Apple a Day Children’s Nutrition Tracker, invented by… Read more

What I’m Reading: The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness

little lotus

By Julie Samrick How, exactly, do you explain “wellness” to a young child?  I just finished reading The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness to my almost 4 and 6 year old daughters.  Written by Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero, this is a simple, yet loving, story that focuses on a mother teaching her young child what exercise, being… Read more

The Power of Storytelling


By Caroline Taylor My dad’s career as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA was elusive, mysterious, and at times, contradictory. I vaguely remember the day I discovered that when he went to work every day as an “engineer” he did not actually change into denim coveralls, a striped hat, and drive a giant locomotive. I am… Read more