January 20, 2018

California teacher tenure ruled unconstitutional

teacher tenure

The ruling, which was enthusiastically endorsed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, brings to a close the first chapter of the case, Vergara v. California, in which a group of student plaintiffs argued that state tenure laws had deprived them of a decent education by leaving bad teachers in place. The teachers’ unions said Tuesday that… Read more

Teacher suspended for forcing student to say Pledge of Allegiance


A Florida teacher was suspended last month for forcing a fourth grader to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Anne Daigle-McDonald, a teacher at Explorer K-8 School in Spring Hill, Fla., made the student, a Jehovah’s Witness, place his hand over his heart during the Sept. 11 pledge, according to a report by the Tampa Bay… Read more

Teacher dyes hair pink on bet

teacher dyes hair pink

David Robinson followed through on a bet he made to students and dyed his hair and beard pink after they held up their end of the bargain at their high school’s fall festival. Read more

Education Secretary Delays Teacher Accountability Tests

education secretary

Acknowledging that the nation’s educators face large challenges in preparing students for more rigorous academic standards and tests, education secretary Arnie Duncan told state education officials on Tuesday that they could postpone making career decisions about teachers based on performance evaluations tied to new tests. Read more

Oklahoma Teacher Shields Kids During Tornado

Oklahoma teacher shields kids

6th grade teacher Rhonda Crosswhite is taking being called a hero in stride. Recalling the tornado and its 200-m.p.h. winds, Crosswhite said, “I don’t remember what it sounded like, honestly. It was like a freight train, but I don’t remember much about it,” she said about the sound of the tornado. “It felt like someone was… Read more

Being Cheerful as a Virtue

happy kids

By Karen Daniels When I walk down the hall at the school where I work, I enjoy seeing the children as they line up for lunch.  As they walk past me, I often hear cheery hellos or see their hands waving to me.  It always puts a smile on my face.  Most children by nature… Read more

Former NFL Cheerleader and Teacher Won’t Leave Young Boyfriend

sarah jones

The teacher who lost her job as well as her position as a Cincinnati Bengals’ cheerleader says she still won’t break up with her now 18-year-old former student. Sarah Jones, now 27, also managed to avoid jail time. Is there a double standard for men who misuse their authority with female students versus when women do… Read more

7 Ways to Encourage Reluctant Readers

reading child

By Steve Reifman Reading is a tremendously appealing, satisfying activity, and children will become hooked once the adults in their lives consistently build it into their daily schedules. The key is getting children started. The following seven strategies will help even the most reluctant reader become more enthusiastic about the endeavor. By employing the strategies… Read more

Teacher Wrestles Teen Gunman, Saves Lives

perry hall

A 15-year-old student at Perry Hall High School in Maryland walked into the school cafeteria on Monday, the school’s first day of classes, and began shooting.  One student was critically wounded before a teacher wrestled the gun from the attacker and subdued him until help arrived. Read more

A Case for Year-Round School

case for year-round school

By Julie Samrick As a kid I loved the thrill of returning to school after a 3-month summer break. Crisp, back to school clothes were worn with pride.  Clean pencil boxes and stiff cartons of crayons were handled carefully those first few days back into the new routine.   And later, as a teacher, summer… Read more