February 24, 2018

VIDEO: Infant twins talking to each other

twins talking

Infant twins Grayson and Griffin engage in a deep conversation…  

Talking With My Kids about Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

By Julie Samrick Leaving my son’s basketball game, I gasped along with the rest of the world when I looked at my phone and read the shocking news:  “Whitney Houston Dead at 48.”  My kids were all with me and so they naturally asked, “What?!” of my outburst.   I immediately thought of shying away… Read more

How to Talk to Little Girls by Lowry Manders


How do you talk to little girls? What is the first thing you say to a little girl when you meet her at a party, when your friend’s daughter comes over to play, when you see her at church or at a restaurant? Is it something about her appearance? For me, it usually is. “You look… Read more