December 18, 2017

Type 1 Diabetes facts and myths

Type 1 Diabetes

By Julie Samrick Three-year-old Joseph’s flu-like symptoms were the first indicator something was wrong. “It was odd because he was only vomiting at night and he was really lethargic during the day,” said his mother Alicia. “We were struggling with potty training anyway, but he started peeing everywhere and was just guzzling liquids.”   Alicia… Read more

Mystery illness afflicts California kids

mystery illness

A rare “polio-like syndrome” has caused paralysis in about 20 children from across California, according to a report released Sunday by physicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. The children, who are between the ages of 3 and 12, developed what is called acute, or sudden, flaccid paralysis — weakness or loss of muscle tone… Read more

The Great Mysteries of the Flu


By Julie Samrick It seems everyone I know has been affected by the same doozy of a flu virus this winter. I’ve heard more than one parent explain it as “death.” My 5th grader said there were 18 kids missing out of his class of 30 last week, so I thought for sure we were… Read more

Flu Season Q&A

The flu season is off to a roaring start with a bug that looks “particularly severe,” according to the Food and Drug Administration. What do you need to know about the flu and how to keep from getting it? Read more

When Should A Child Stay Home From School?

Bed, child, sick, rests

This dilemma recently happened with me as well- I thought as soon as my 6-year-old daughter ate something she’d feel better. Then an hour after school started I got the call she’d thrown up.  Melissa Arca writes just about this issue in her latest post at Confessions of a Dr. Mom.