February 18, 2018

Amazing video of infant swimming

infant swimming

Infant Swimming Resources teaches children as young as six months how to be their own hero in the pool. Check it out!

Put Powder in Swim Caps to Make Them Last Longer

swim cap

Sprinkle talcum powder in rinsed swim caps to make them last longer. This prevents cracking and it’s easier to place on your child’s head for the next swim. 

Open Water Swimming by Ann Van De Water

florence chadwick

My daughter and I did some research for a mini-report for Girl Scouts on Florence May Chadwick (1918-1995).  Chadwick, a San Diego native, defied most people’s understanding of women’s limitations as a champion ultra-distance swimmer, breaking many records.  She is best known for being the first person to swim the English Channel in both directions (with a couple month gap… Read more

To Bikini or Not to Bikini by Ann Van De Water

Image from sportsbasement

  By Ann Van De Water No, don’t worry.  I am not planning on subjecting anyone to my 43 year old body in a bikini. Although 43 may be the new 23 for some women, no one informed my thighs, stomach and bottom of this phenomena. My 9 year old fraternal twin daughters (and the… Read more