December 18, 2017

Give Kids Concrete Tools to Combat Bullying

10-year-old Ashlynn Connor

I had to double check what I read this morning- that a fifth grader, a 10-year-old girl, killed herself. Things had gotten so bad in Ashlynn Connor’s mind that she had just asked her mom to homeschool her the day before she was found hanging by a scarf in her closet.   So many things… Read more

The X Factor Parents

x factor

My kids think it’s funny when I cry from something on TV that moves me. Call me a sap, but it’s already happened on The X Factor a few times. Even though there have only been a few episodes so far, the tear-jerking moments have come from watching the families that come to root on… Read more

The Importance of Support Groups

By the time I had my fourth child I had outgrown my mothers’ club, the same mothers’ club that quickly became my lifeline when we first moved to this area eight years ago. My involvement in it mostly consisted…Read more about support groups at Sacramento Parent