January 19, 2018

What does working full time really mean?

mom crafts with kids

By Penelope Trunk What I regret is the four years I worked 80-hour weeks running my startup and put my kids in daycare. (I called it school, but I know there is no distinction between school for four-year-olds and daycare for four-year-olds.) I was making mid-six figures for most of that time, but those years… Read more

5 Ways to Thrive Staying Home With Kids Under 5

Ways to Thrive Staying Home With Kids

By Julie Samrick In my 10 years of experience as a stay-at-home mom I’ve been asked quite often how I run a smooth ship and (usually) manage to keep a smile on my face.   Here are 5 tips for how I’ve thrived staying home with small children:   1)   Stick to a routine.  As… Read more

What Would Your Resume Say as a Stay-At-Home Mom? by Shannon Hembree


Stay-at-home moms get this question – or some variation of it – a lot: “Do you think you will return to work?” or “Do you miss work?” To clear up some misconceptions, I never stopped working. I stopped working for money. I do not miss work. I work an overwhelming amount. Every day. Every night…. Read more