February 18, 2018

How to create a stronger math student before your child ever starts school

early math skills

By Julie Samrick I’ve shared how the years before kindergarten are optimal for playing games to create brighter students later on. And by specifically embracing numbers at an early age don’t be surprised when you’ve created a stronger math student too.    Sometimes when we wait to introduce concepts to kids, it takes them longer… Read more

Reasons Why Schools Neglect Spatial Intelligence

piano playing

Spatial intelligence: is the ability to draw accurate conclusions from observing a three-dimensional (3D) environment. It involves interpreting and making judgements about the shape, size, movement, and relationships between surrounding objects, as well as the ability to envision and manipulate 3D models of things that are not immediately visible. So why don’t schools value it, focusing… Read more

Sharing May Not Be The Point


In an interesting essay on Slate, it is argued that when two children are arguing over a toy, they may just be wanting the interaction.  Next time, stand back and see how the kids handle the situation before intervening.  Read more, including how American children are taught to resolve conflict differently than children in other… Read more