February 24, 2018

Sexy teen Halloween costumes: What to do?

sexy teen costumes

If it’s Halloween, it’s time for kids to dress up and indulge in make believe. But along with costumes for ghosts, goblins and the latest pop culture icons (Duck Dynasty, anyone?) parents are often taken aback by the sexy outfits marketed to teen and preteen girls. Read more

Let Her Decide

dressingroom teen

By Jane Lee So many decisions had been already been handed to her in her young life, it seemed important to let her have this one.   Her brother’s Duplo blocks were all about action – fiery red, action green and strong blue.  Her’s were passive pink, cheery green and soft blue.     Her brother’s action figure… Read more

Crackdown on Sexy Prom Dresses Nationwide

A student PowerPoint presentation showing what is not acceptable

To avoid having to turn away tearful girls on the big night, prom organizers across the country are taking pre-emptive action, issuing specific guidelines early, offering dress approval in advance and relying on image-heavy PowerPoint presentations to make it crystal clear what styles will, and won’t, be allowed at the dance.  Read more about it

Sexy Halloween Costumes

sexy costume

by Ann Van De Water I have been looking for Halloween costumes at stores and online lately. I’ve been rather amused by all the SEXY COSTUMES I’ve come across.  Wonder Woman used to be about the only costume that was really sexy.   Now SEXY COSTUMES are everywhere.   I was looking for an Indian… Read more