January 23, 2018

Teen’s flashlight invention to change the world?

Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski was just 16 when she won a local science fair with her invention, a flashlight powered solely by hand heat. One Google science fair later, she’s on her way to changing the world. Two years ago, Makosinski was inspired by a friend in the Philippines who didn’t have electricity – the girl told Ann… Read more

Best Science Fiction for Teens


The Hunger Games Trilogyhas popularized the genre of science fiction for a new generation of fans, but take a look at one Slate writer’s top picks of other titles not to be forgotten.  From Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles to Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, take a look at other titles your teen may very well devour too.

How About an Interactive Science Textbook?


College students will pay not for a printed edition of Principles of Biology when it comes out in January, but for permanent access on the Internet for $49. The pages come to life: there are interactive electronic features — from dynamic illustrations to short quizzes meant to involve students rather than letting them plod, glassy-eyed, from… Read more

5 Great Science Books for Kids

image from parentdish.com

Dinosaurs, the human body, physics, and more.  Read what 5 books one science writer recommends to make Science come alive for kids.

Kahn Academy is Changing the Way Kids Learn


Salman Kahn, who is not a teacher by trade, is revolutionizing how kids are learning Math and Science. His video tutorials are receiving accolades from millions of kids and even Bill Gates.  What’s next?   Hopes that he’ll branch out into other subjects.  Read his back story at Slate.  And watch the Basic Addition video… Read more