December 18, 2017

The best summer school

summer lessons

By Julie Samrick As we sat around the campfire last weekend I pulled out an old Girl Scout goody for the 11 kids in our party. My Aunt Tilly, she died last night, she died last night, did she die?   At first the kids didn’t know what I meant, or why sometimes the answer… Read more

Middle school phone wars

cellphone kids crossing street

By Julie Samrick The verdict is still out whether or not the MTV effect will work on my sixth grader. When I was his age my mom delayed letting me watch MTV long enough that by the time I had the freedom to watch it, I’d never developed the habit and lost interest. My son… Read more

I’d rather be texting


Pop Quiz: Which event stunts emotional growth more significantly: Standing awkwardly at a school dance; working up the courage to talk to someone; or failing to go to the dance at all, limiting conversation to a text? read more

Too Much Fundraising

too much fundraising

  I just read a post a mom of a kindergartner wrote on Facebook about feeling overwhelmed by all of the requests for time and money at her son’s school…every year around this time I repost the following story I wrote in October 2011… Walking into a neighborhood restaurant I am ambushed by a teenage… Read more

Computer grading will destroy our schools

The reason for the push towards artificial intelligence grading is both grim and obvious: money. Read more at Salon.

5 ways to thrive with kids during the elementary school years

thrive with kids

Now that my four kids are 5, 7, 9 and 11 I’ve noticed my routine has readjusted a bit in order to run a smooth household and stay joyful as a stay-at-home mom. Working moms should be able to use these tips too.   Here are five ways I’m still thriving as a mom of… Read more

Children die from agricultural pesticide in school lunch

23 Indian children between the ages of 5 and 12 died this week from “very toxic” levels of an agricultural pesticide in their school lunch. Read more

Why Do Parents Cry at Milestones?


  By Julie Samrick As graduations and other milestones abound this time of year, it reminds me of the bittersweet moments in all parents’ lives when our kids grow and move on to a new phase a little too quickly for our comfort sometimes.  I’ve thought a lot about why these moments are bittersweet- we… Read more

Key to Academic Success is Talking to Kids While They’re Babies

The numbers are staggering- the more a child is simply interacted with from birth to age 3, the more likely he or she will do better in school. The key to academic success really seems to be a simple one.  Read the entire article here

Run, Don’t Walk, To See “Girl Rising”

Girl Rising

By Julie Samrick Every once in a while a book or a movie opens our eyes to things we haven’t thought much of before, things that really matter.  This week I had such an experience when I went to a screening of a new documentary called Girl Rising.  In it we see and hear nine… Read more