January 20, 2018

California teacher tenure ruled unconstitutional

teacher tenure

The ruling, which was enthusiastically endorsed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, brings to a close the first chapter of the case, Vergara v. California, in which a group of student plaintiffs argued that state tenure laws had deprived them of a decent education by leaving bad teachers in place. The teachers’ unions said Tuesday that… Read more

Fight Over Whether Minors Should Have Full Access to Morning After Pill

morning after pill

The Department of Justice said that it will appeal a federal judge’s order to make the most common morning after pill available without a prescription for all ages. Read more

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Health Care Act


The US Supreme Court has ruled that the individual mandate — the requirement that most Americans buy health insurance or pay a fine — is constitutional as a tax. And while the individual mandate remains 18 months away from implementation, many other provisions of the health care law already have gone into effect, such as free wellness… Read more

Way For Abortion Sonogram Law Cleared

An 8 week ultrasound. Image from baby2see.com

Doctors in Texas are now required to show sonograms to women before they can proceed with their abortions, a Texas court ruled Tuesday, upholding a law voters passed last year.  Opponents have 14 days to appeal the decision. “Today’s ruling is a victory for all who stand in defense of life,” Texas Governor Rick Perry… Read more