February 24, 2018

Lego Movie: glittery surface, lackluster plot

The Lego Movie

“Everything is awesome” for Lego Movie’s leading character Emmet, where in his Lego-constructed world all citizens abide by the rules and optimism abounds. Chosen by a prophecy to be an imaginative “master builder,” and save the world from Kragl (a misspelling of Krazy Glue, which symbolizes no imagination or thinking outside structured, strict manual-led lives)… Read more

Teenagers Who Date Do Worse in School, More Likely to Drink, Do Drugs

teen dating

A recent study out of the University of Georgia found that teenagers who date are more likely to drink, do drugs, and perform poorly in school. Read more

Little Things Mean A Lot


by Ann Van De Water I was reminded of the saying “Little Things Mean A Lot” this morning. My husband was leaving for a business trip.  I kissed him goodbye and said, “You look nice,” as he was dressed up for his trip in dress slacks and a dress shirt rather than his usual “engineer uniform,”… Read more