February 18, 2018

Homework hasn’t increased in 30 years

Parental concerns about ever-expanding homework assignments for their children may be misguided, according to new research suggesting that students’ homework burdens have barely changed in 30 years. Read more  

Do Video Games Kill Teens?


By Steven Cessario Video games are popular among many age groups, especially teenagers. It’s common for teenagers to spend hours playing video games, particularly games with violence, sex, and criminal behavior. This is a huge concern for many parents.  One parent said, “My kid is so lazy, all he does is play video games in… Read more

Happy Adolescence Leads to Better Marriages in Adulthood

Having a warm and supportive home during one’s teenage years may make for more satisfying marriages later on, new research suggests. Read more  

Does College Put Kids on “Party Pathway”?

Hamilton’s work, and that of other researchers, demonstrates that we should all be concerned about the state of higher education in the U.S. today and that college students enjoying a four-year paid vacation courtesy of their parents are merely a symptom of a larger problem. Read more

Are Older Fathers Behind the Rising Rates of Autism?


It’s been in the news this week that a father’s age at conception points to whether or not a child will develop autism, and even schizophrenia. Read all about it here. Yet one mother over on Blogher says, “Wait just a minute!”  Read her calm, well researched post here.

After 244 Years in Print, Encyclopedia Brittanica Goes Entirely Digital


About a year ago my husband was proud and excited  to buy a set of Encyclopedias for our kids. He explained how he used to read any Encyclopedia, at random, for fun when he was their age. Well, since then, the kids have turned to the web when research has called, and this article from… Read more

Jessie Rees Loses Cancer Battle, But Inspires Many

NEGU Foundation

The little girl who battled brain cancer for 10 months, who always ended her blog posts NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) has died. 12-year-old Jessie Rees was a powerful voice for pediatric cancer research and news of her passing helped her  Facebook page surpass 50,000 Likes, a goal she wanted to reach in honor of… Read more

New book reveals how E.B. White spun “Charlotte’s Web”


In a new book about E.B. White, The Story of Charlotte’s Web, author Michael Sims notes interesting facts about White, including that White preferred the company of animals and that he hated the 1972 movie musical version of his masterpiece. Read about the new book at USA Today