February 24, 2018

Synthetic Pot Sends Thousands of Young People to Hospital

marijuana synthetic

K2, Spice and other synthetic drugs that mimic a marijuana high sent 11,406 people — mostly teenagers and young adults — to the emergency room in 2010, according to the first report on the substances from the federal government’s Drug Abuse Warning Network. Read more

Why Kids Under 14 Should Not Play Tackle Football

football pop warner

Parents need not avoid tackle football entirely, but at least until 14. Why? One of the more persuasive reasons in this article…”Kids are not miniature adults. By age 4, the heads of kids are 90% of adult size. However, their necks are much weaker than an adult’s neck. The combination creates a danger.”  Read more

Childhood Death Rate From Accidents Falls 30%

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30% less children died from drowning, falls, or fires than they did 10 years ago, but the number of kids dying from overdosing on prescription drugs has risen, a new report from the CDC finds.  Read more