January 20, 2018

Best not to be coolest kid in middle school later

coolest kid in middle school

It might have been tough not being the coolest kid in middle school, but new research shows that teens who weren’t part of the in crowd go on to have healthier lives once they hit adulthood. A study published Thursday in the journalChild Development shares that teens who were so focused on being popular were often… Read more

What I’m Reading: Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads

finding your prince in a sea of toads

By Julie Samrick   Growing up with 3 sisters and no brothers, you can imagine how strong the estrogen dynamic was at our house.  Boys were definitely of another species.  When my sisters and I were old enough to go to school dances in junior high our mom would equip us with plenty of advice… Read more

“The Help” is About Mother/ Child Relationships as Much as Racial Equality


By Julie Samrick I enjoyed reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett a few years back, and tonight I finally watched the film version to gear up for the Oscars next weekend.    The Help is about a white woman living in Jackson, Mississippi during the early Civil Rights era.  She write an anonymous book from the point of… Read more