December 18, 2017

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s Comments to Young People Have Some Mad

Bloomberg's comment

In his radio address this week, Mr. Bloomberg said young people should ditch college, to learn a trade like plumbing instead.   “The people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren’t rocket scientists, if you will, not at the top of their class,” Bloomberg said Friday, according to the New… Read more

The Dr. Laura Interview is Here

Julie Samrick Live Interview on Dr. Laura Schlessinger

As of November, 2011, Kid Focused is a regular contributor on Scroll to her “Stay At Home” section to see our latest posts… First, how it all started…From last June…. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to my Dr. Laura radio interview, it is clickable below in its entirety. What a… Read more

My Interview with Dr.Laura


I am being interviewed LIVE on the Dr. Laura Schlessinger program on Friday, 6/17, to talk about On such a stage, I hope I can convey my inspiration for creating a site like kidfocused in an intelligible way.  I am definitely a better writer than I am public speaker, but I couldn’t pass up the… Read more