December 18, 2017

What’s the point of youth sports?

coach-youth sports

Julie Samrick Finally, someone’s speaking out on the increasing madness of youth sports. A former professional athlete turned coach, now father of two, was in my town last week on one stop of a national lecture tour to promote his book “Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes and Giving… Read more

Prom? Homecoming? When did asking become like a marriage proposal?

when did asking become like a marriage proposal

Read the updated post I’ve been fascinated by a trend that’s growing stronger every formal dance season- Boys asking girls to prom and homecoming dances with the kind of over-the-top tactics many grown men don’t even think of when they’re proposing marriage to someone they want to devote their lives to, let alone one hours-long… Read more

Student Stress Tips

class of 2017

Kids are under more pressure than ever before- they have more homework, more extracurricular activities, and they must also resist the constant pull of social media and/or easily accessible entertainment if they are to get anything else done.  Here are 5 tips from Dr. Sears to help your child stay calm and healthy. 

Why Kids Cheat


A cheating scandal at one of America’s most prestigious high schools blows the lid off cheating and why it’s much more prevalent today.  Read more

Olympic Spirit


By Ann Van De Water Like most people, I have been watching a lot of the Olympics this week.  The physical skills and athletic feats are inspiring.  The individual stories of the athletes, the family support, and the team spirit are heartwarming.  The patriotic exhibitions, national anthems, and flag waving are a wonderful mosaic of… Read more

Whose Dream Is It Anyway?

Whose Dream Is It

By Julie Samrick   Caroline can’t remember a time in her childhood when she didn’t play tennis, and not just leisurely hitting the ball around, but strenuous workouts to perfect her natural gift for the sport.  She often played up to 5 hours a day as a young girl growing up in a suburb of… Read more

Demi Lovato shows off in a tiny bikini

image from zimbio

4 months after being treated for cutting, bulimia, and anorexia, Demi Lovato tweets a picture of herself in a bikini to her fans…claiming she has life under control now.  However, I am more concerned than ever about this young girl.  Read the full story

The Demand for Tween Stars is on the Rise

image from tvguide

Think you know which traits make the perfect tween sensation?  And why are more people than ever searching for the next big child star?  Read the story

Battle Hymn of the Anti-Tiger Mother

Image from worthington libraries

There is a new movie out in limited release that contradicts the Tiger Mom philosophy. What do you think? Read more

The Lost Girl

Image from supermodels

A teenager—no, child—in a hoodie on a blustery London day, snapping photos of Tower Bridge, grinning goofily, laughing widely, and trying to hide her braces as she does so. Then she takes the hoodie off, and down it tumbles: that heavy, golden, knee-length hair. They nicknamed her the Russian Rapunzel in modeling land…Read more about… Read more