February 24, 2018

Valentine Craft on a Budget

martha stewart valentine craft

I am helping in my daughter’s kindergarten class later today for their Valentine’s Day party.  I had to think of one of the crafts to do with them and thought the idea on the cover of the February issue of Martha Stewart Living was cute                    … Read more

Education Giveaway CLOSED


Especially during their first 5 years, I work a lot with my kids on their numbers and letters while they’re still home with me.  I print single sheets off the web when I can and make up plenty of learning opportunities on the fly.     I was impressed, though, when Amy Schwary, a mom… Read more

Parents Asked to Change Deaf Son’s Sign Language Name

Hunter signing his name

The Nebraska parents of 3 1/2 year old Hunter Spanjer have been asked to change the technical sign Hunter uses to share his name. The move, which uses 2 fingers moving up and down, is the official sign for his name, but the preschool says it could also resemble a gun. What do you think? Read… Read more

Talking to Your Child About Diversity

differences wonder

My eldest daughter, Gabi, started kindergarten at our neighborhood school this fall. In her class are single-parent families, a girl adopted from China, another from Africa, and a two-mommy family, white, Hispanic and black children, and every combination of the three. Moms drop off their kindergartners in designer suits, laptop bags in hand, next to… Read more

3-5 Year Olds are too Sedentary

hula hoop 4 year old

At many public schools physical education has been cut back to once a week  for students, and now studies say that 75% of preschool age children aren’t getting enough outdoor play either.  The reasons vary from financial cutbacks to parental worry about injury.  Read the full story

Co-op Camps are the Answer


One of the most exciting hallmarks of turning three years old (for Moms and tots alike) is the invitation for budding preschoolers to join summer day camps.    Spring advertisements tote all the ways tots can fill their summer days making crafts, reading stories, learning new languages, and more—all for a hefty price, of course…. Read more

If Only We Could Bottle Them Up

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  This post was selected to be featured in the Family section on BlogHer.  After you read it, I’d love to know what milestones you just know are ahead for your kids this school year, and I’d also love to hear which stages of your own school life made the biggest impression on you?   … Read more