February 18, 2018

Police warn against family decals

family decals

You’ve seen them on the back of SUVs, sedans and minivans, and now police are warning families about the dangers of family stick figure decals. These family decals seem harmless, and often represent parents, kids, and sometimes even the family pets. Some of the stick figure decals go as far as naming the children, their… Read more

Turning to Police to Stand Guard for School Safety

police to stand guard for school safety

Since Columbine and now Newtown, more schools are turning to police officers to stand guard for school safety, but is this an effective solution? Read more

6-Year-Old Handcuffed At School

Salecia Johnson

Georgia kindergartner Salecia Johnson was on the floor of her principal’s office, screaming and crying after throwing a violent temper tantrum in her classroom, when officers arrived, according to reports.  After a long ordeal, she was eventually handcuffed, which is what is getting all the headlines, though the Police Chief clarified, “Regardless of age, when a… Read more

Officer Uses Stun Gun on 9-year-old

police lights

The boy, weighing at least 200 pounds, was warned by his mother that he’d be shocked if he didn’t comply with the Ohio officer.  Read more

Middle Schooler Shot and Killed

police car school

An 8th grade Texas boy was shot and killed in the hallway of his school on Wednesday for not dropping the weapon he brandished to police officers.  According to eye witnesses, the boy had plenty of opportunity to surrender.   Read the whole story