February 24, 2018

Lego Movie: glittery surface, lackluster plot

The Lego Movie

“Everything is awesome” for Lego Movie’s leading character Emmet, where in his Lego-constructed world all citizens abide by the rules and optimism abounds. Chosen by a prophecy to be an imaginative “master builder,” and save the world from Kragl (a misspelling of Krazy Glue, which symbolizes no imagination or thinking outside structured, strict manual-led lives)… Read more

Plot “Worse than Columbine” Thwarted

Jared Cano

A 17-year-old expelled student was stopped from committing a “catastrophic” hit on the Tampa area high school he once attended. Jared Cano, the suspect in custody whose plot was foiled to bomb Liberty high school, has said on his Facebook page he’d attended “University of Marijuana” and was seen wielding a machete in pictures. I… Read more