February 18, 2018

Middle school phone wars

cellphone kids crossing street

By Julie Samrick The verdict is still out whether or not the MTV effect will work on my sixth grader. When I was his age my mom delayed letting me watch MTV long enough that by the time I had the freedom to watch it, I’d never developed the habit and lost interest. My son… Read more

Phone Etiquette and Kids


By Julie Samrick My oldest son is at his Grandma and Grandpa’s this week, nearly 1,000 miles away.  In nearly 10 years, we’ve never been apart for more than 3 days, but he jumped at the chance to go.  He’s been an only child with them, lavished with attention, not having to compromise with 3… Read more

“Sexting” is Biggest Back-to-School Concern for Parents

cellphone kid

Though reports find parents are becoming more savvy to what kids can do with their smart phones, the number one worry for parents of kids aged 10-18 is not bullying, but that their kids will send and receive inappropriate sexual text messages and pictures.  Read more at Fox Business including tips for keeping your child safe.